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Mithun Chakraborty, people by love called him "Mithun Da". He is an Indian film actor and a former Member of Rajya Sabha. There was a time when in Bollywood Hindi cinema hero was the main center of attraction. From action to dancing, hero was supposed to be best in every section of Hindi cinema.

Age : 06
Name : Mithun Chakraborty
DOB : 16 June , 1950.barishal, Bangladesh (now
West Bengal).

Age :16 
Original name:Gouranga Chakraborty.
Nick name: Mithun Da.

Age : 21
He was naxalites during
youth days before entering

Age : 23
He was a professional wrestler and also earned a black in martial arts.

Age : 24 , with first married, Helena Luke...........

          Age : 25 
         With father Basanta Chakraborty and mother 
         Shantirani Chakraborty.

          Age : 26
          First movie #MRIGAYAA ,won national film 
          award for best actor for the year.
           Age :27
           1977,the international Film festival
           Age :29
           With second wife jageeta bali

          Age :32
          Super duper hit film DISCO DANCER
          Popular in Russia as dancer Jimmy

                     Age :35
                     Super duper hit film
                     PYAR JHUKTA NAHIN
               Age :36
               India's highest tax payer.

           Age :37
          A rumour that he get married secretly
          with Sridevi 

           Age: 38.
           Mile sur mera tumhara with amitabh

            Age :40
            Won Filmfare award for supporting
            actor in AGNEEPATH.

             Age :45
             Won second Filmfare award for best villain
              (nagative role) in JALLAAD.

                       Age :46
                      Won national film award for best actor 
                      for the Bengali movie (TAHADER KTHA)

                    Age :47
                    With his wife and their 4 childrens
                    Mahaakshay Chakraborty,Ushmey
                    Chakraborty,Namashi Chakraborty
                    baby Dishani.

         Age :48
         with adopted daughter Dishani.

           Age :51
           As a entrepreneur he achieve success in 
           hospitality sector by farming monarch group
           of hotels in Ooty.

              Age :54
              He wrote a Bengali book named (cinemai
              Naamte hole).

           Age :57
           Wo Filmfare award for best supporting
           Actor in GURU movie.

          Age :58
          National award for best actor in KAALPURUSH


             Age :59
             As grand master for dance India dance
             lil master.

             Age :60 
             Guinea-Bissau issue postal stamp in Mithun
             Chakraborty honour.

Age :62
Receive the mahanayak
Award honoured by west Bengal government mamata banerjee.

            Age :64
            Joined as members of parliament (rajyasabha)
            election by the CM of West Bengal.

There was a time when in Bollywood Hindi cinema hero was the main center of attraction. From action to dancing, hero was supposed to be best in every section of Hindi cinema. Moreover, Mithun Chakraborty (16 June 1950) who was born as Gourango Chakraborty has truly lived up to the every expectation of Indian cinema. Being a Naxalite, the rough, tough and intense attitude always get reflected in his acting zone. His incredible performances in Mrigaya, Tahader Katha and Swami Vivekananda got him National Awards and the eternal hit movie Disco Dancer placed him to the top of commercial success. Apart from film industry, he also achieved success in hospitality industry by forming Monarch group and his production house has presented very successful movies with different stars. In his personal life, he was linked-up with Sridevi and there was a rumor that he got married to her secretly. However, this relationship did not work for personal issues and finally he got married to Yogita Bali and he has three sons and one daughter. He also played an active part in television industry as a mentor of a dance reality show called “Dance Bangla Dance” and as Grand Master for “Dance India Dance Li'l Masters”.







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